What does selfie ring light do?
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What does selfie ring light do?

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  In the first place, in essence,Selfie light is an optimization and personalization of photographic light. 

  In the old days in the studio, in order to make the characters look fuller, there were tinted lights, which made them look like makeup. 

  With the development of The Times,nowdays people will take photos anytime and anywhere, but the light is not so perfect.

The selfie light was thus created. It is portable , and can supplement the light to achieve the effect of makeup. Make your face more beautiful and concealer. 

                                                   Like most stars, they shoot films, shoot TV, will play a large power of the light, and now, in daily life, can also be used such products.


  Huawei Mate40 series realizes ring flash selfie through customized ring flash protection shell.

  this is  once again proves the role of selfie light in photo decoration. 

  But in fact, not everyone will buy the Huawei Mate40 series, however, now you can take a loop-flash selfie. with a mini selfie light and even use it on your laptop head.

  And the price is cheap, unlimited mobile phone model.

  This product has 2 models, with battery and charging, it is best selfie ring light for iphone ,welcome to inquire. We provide high quality, low price .

                                                     Besides ,we also have selfie ringlight with tripod. If you want to buy or know more information,pleease contact me.E-mail:Jessie@transmei.net.


The picture shows the same orange under different lights. In turn is no beauty lights, cold light, warm light, natural light.You can see that not only the surface of the orange is different under different lights,but also the third dimension is differernt.In addition, this small Led ringlight can also be used as mini lighting. Help you find your keyor help you to open the door in  the dark .