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  • Q What does Transmeiot smart light switch do?



    Transmeiot Smart Light Switch  replace existing light switches.

    Step 1: Install Transmeiot Smart Light Switch 

    Step 2: Link Transmeiot Smart Light Switch to your home wireless network through the Tuya APP/Smart life APP in your smartphone

    Step 3: You can turn off and turn on  Transmeiot Smart Light Switch remotely through your mobile phone, or turn the switch off and on through the voice assistant.

    Step 4: Your bulbs don't need to be smart lights, they just need to be connected to a line controlled by Transmeiot Smart Light Switch .

    Step 5: Create a timing, create a scene mode through Transmeiot Smart Light Switch 

  • Q Will the human sensor detect the pet's movement often trigger it by mistake?

    A If you don't want to be triggered by pets, you can install the human sensor in a higher place with the detection range, or stick it upside down on the floor of the table, so that the sensor will not be triggered when the pet moves on the ground. (Please refer to the manual for the specific installation method).
  • Q Where should the human sensor be installed and how to install it?

    A 1. Install it in areas where people need to be detected, such as the living room or bedroom (please refer to the detection distance of the human sensor in the manual when installing);
    2. It can be placed on the surface of a coffee table, shoe cabinet, desk, etc., but it must be close to the edge (recommended installation height is 1.2m~2.4m); 3. Do not place it on a metal surface, and do not place obstructions in front of the human sensor.

  • Q Is the system of Transmei Smart Home stable? If the network is disconnected, ask Can it still be used normally?

    A  Dear, you can use it. Transmei smart home system uses Tuya /Smartlife APPwhich use ZigBee WiFi and Bluetooth technology to realize self-organizing local area network based on whole-house network coverage.  it is safer, more stable, has lower latency, lower power consumption, and can be connected and connected. Expanding more smart terminals, the industry widely believes that ZigBee technology is more suitable for smart homes.Transmei Smart Home System products can be operated manually even when they are offline, which is exactly the same as the operation of traditional equipment, except that it cannot be controlled by voice or APP.
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