135th Canton fair --TRANSMEIOT smart home
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135th Canton fair --TRANSMEIOT smart home

Views: 2     Author: Jessie Wang     Publish Time: 2024-05-03      Origin: Site

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135th Canton fair --TRANSMEIOT smart home

The 135th Canton Fair was held as scheduled from April 15th to 19th.

The number of buyers Transmeiot smart home company received this year not only continued to recover from European and American buyers, but also the number of buyers from countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative increased steadily, with the most obvious growth in customers from Russia, followed by customers from the Middle East.

Transmeiot smart home's old customers from Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom came to the site to affirm Transmeiot smart home's service and quality, and negotiated a cooperation plan for the new year.

During the exhibition, Transmeiot smart home also received many new customers from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, France, Germany, etc. For the first contact, communicate well and look forward to working together in the future.

Transmeiot focuse on smart home and IoT solution since 2018.We will bring professional services and products to our customers, and keep up with the smart home market to grow with our customers.