How to build a home intelligent security system
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How to build a home intelligent security system

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How to build a home intelligent security system

The first step in smart security - the gate

In modern society, takeaway, express delivery, there may be different people knocking on the door every day. How to maintain personal privacy and home security? TransmeIoT outdoor cameras are the first choice. When it senses someone passing by, the light will automatically turn on and record the passing person. Let every visitor have a trail to follow.

At the same time, a smart door sensor can be configured on the door. TransmeIoT smart door sensor can monitor the opening and closing status of doors and windows in real time. Once an abnormality is found, it will automatically send an alarm to the user. Because it is small and concealed, the door sensor is difficult to discovered by criminals.


Step 2: Keep the kitchen safe

I believe that everyone is no stranger to the situation of forgetting to turn off the gas stove, causing gas leaks, or forgetting to turn off the faucet, Causing the home is full of water. If there is a way to detect this situation in time and solve the crisis, great losses will be avoided

TransmIoT smart gas alarms, smart flood detectors, and smart valve controllers will automatically handle the first time danger occurs to avoid disasters


Install theTransmeIoT smart valve controller on the water valve and gas valve; put the smart water immersion detector on the ground below the pool; install the smart gas alarm near the gas stove.


All things are connected to the network, and in the mobile APP, create a profile. When the smart flood detector detects water leakage, the smart valve controller closes the water valve. When the smart gas detector detects methane, the smart valve controller closes the gas valve.


Test the occurrence conditions to ensure that the scene linkage settings are correct.


Step 3: Guard the study/living room safety

In addition, in the study, or living room, etc., where people may smoke, We can isntall TransmeIoT smoke sensor . When it detects excessive smoke (fire caused by cigarette butts), it will send an alarm and notify the mobile phone at the first time. superior. And with the TransmeIoT smart indoor camera, the hidden dangers can be identified at the first time, and can be dealt with in time to avoid the occurrence of disasters.